16A SPDT Relay 12V



A High Quality Magnetic Reed Switch that Uses a Gas Tube Sealed Switch. Prevents Dust and Humidity Influence. Suitable for Cordless Telephones Modems and Burglar Alarms etc

Switching current:  0.5A DC max.
Carry current:  1.0A DC max.
Switching power: 10VA max.
Contact resistance: 150m? max
Contact material: Rhodium
Operate time: 1.0ms max
Release time: 0.5ms max.
Maximum voltage: 100V DC max.
Insulation resistance: 100 x106?
Nominal Input mW: 138
Operating Voltage VDC: 8
Release Voltage VDC: 0.8
Coil resistance: 1050
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Dimensions: 29.1 x 13 x 20.6mm
Contact rating: 16A @ 250V DC
Contact arrangement:  Single pole changeover
Contact material: Ag alloy
Operate/release time: 15ms/ms
Coil consumption:  540mW
Temperature range: –30°C to +55°C
Download a Full Datasheet