Kits and Charity

Hi, haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve been really busy with various work related tasks, not to mention finding another car and making holiday plans.

Supply Kits

We at Spiratronics are about to launch our new range of supply kits in the next few weeks, these three kits are keenly priced at £12.99, £19.99, and £29.99. Here are some details:-

£12.99 buys a super economy kit but even this kit provides 510 components, and it’s only the little brother of the three!

£19.99 gets the median kit, this comprises of over 1,070 pieces, all useful.

£29.99 is the cost of the largest kit, one of the largest mixed electronic component kits on the market. There are 1,966 components in all, a tremendous boost or great start for your electronic stock and for less than £30. We’ve worked really hard to bring you readily available kits at a very reasonable cost.

The kits do vary in content number, of course, but here’s a glimpse of what each kit contains:-

130 values of resistor, 30 values of ceramic capacitor, 12 values of electrolytic capacitors, 15 different versions of LED, 7 segment LED display(s), 10 different types of transistor, 4 types of IC, several I.R. devices, a bridge rectifier, 7 different voltage zener diodes, 20 values of axial inductor, and lots of other goodies like a low voltage motor, breadboard, stripboard, jumpers, switches, croc clips, right down to hook up wire.

Next Whizzkit

There is another Spiratronics Whizzkit about to hit the market any time soon, this time it’s a kit that uses technology from the dawn of the electronics era, a crystal set kit at £9.99.                                    With summer on the way we feel it’s the ideal time and weather for youngsters and their `parental assistant’ to be rigging aerials and driving in grounding stakes. All joking apart the crystal set can be tremendous fun and educational at the same time.                                                                                                                Imagine; a receiver that provides endless listening, needs no mains or batteries, and costs less than a tenner!

Cruel World

The tragedy in Nepal is truly shocking, Nepal, the home of the Ghurka soldier who has fought faithfully and bravely in the British army for nigh on 200 years.                                                                 The people there (including children) are now living in the open, exposed to the elements for fear of repeat quakes/falling masonry. I’m not telling anyone what to do, that’s not my place, but I’m sending them £50 TODAY!

Granddad Bob.