7 years bad luck and Pic Programming

Hi everyone.
Well things seem to go from bad to worse, close on the heels of my 'mirror fail' I get a penalty of £50 for overstaying at a seaside car park. Can't moan really I suppose I was 20minutes late. Why does 'Jobsworth' spring to mind?
Next disaster, a guy pulls straight out in front of me on my Aprilia  motorbike, had no option but to lay her down. To my amazement the car driver roars off spinning my elevated front wheel in the process! After all the action, we realise nobody caught his reg. number. Reckon he had no insurance so made himself scarce.
Again I can't moan too much as I got away with gravel rash and a bruised coccyx. Sickening about the bike though.
Hope this thing about mirrors and seven years bad luck isn't true.
Anyway that's enough about me.

I notice here at Spiratronics that we are selling a lot of motors with worm drive gearboxes, and our customers are genuinely chuffed to bits with them. When you look at the price (£3.01) I suppose there's small wonder. All you need are wheels, a controlled supply of up to six volts DC, a model car or something similar and away you go! Product code on our Spiratronics website is  XD3-010 if you want to take a look.
Another fast mover is our voltcraft FM200 moisture meter, it's a really nice piece of kit and as it's switchable between 'wood' and 'building' it must have a 1001 uses. Spiratronics code is SH7-520.
I would imagine it's a very useful tool for the wood turning boys as the moisture content has to be right for turning.
I am currently involved in PIC programming, have to say it's quite exciting, especially when things work out. Who used to say 'I love it when a plan comes together' oh yes, George Peppard of the 'A' Team wasn't it?
I'm using a Microchip PICkittm 2 and it works like a charm. They're only about £33.00 including the lead and worth every penny. You can find them on Spiratronics web site, code YA3-025, check it out.

Our level 1 Whizzkit  project on crowd funding is still going well. With 12 backers to date, we are one third of the way to our target of £975 with 23 days still to go. A big thank you to all those backers, please keep sharing with your fellow electronic enthusiasts.
I'm going to get off my bruised coccyx now and hobble to the kettle, time for tea.
Until I blog again