A week full of repairs

Hello everyone,
well as another week slips by almost unnoticed, we find ourselves towards the end of September. 
I've had a curious week really, I've been helping my nephew with some problems on domestic appliances. 
We've had a well known German make of fridge which was 'terminal', the compressor was seized solid!  Can't help but think something sinister has happened to this fridge as the Danfoss compressors are normally extremely reliable.
Next we repaired a LEC turbo fridge/freezer which needed a new thermostat, it first appeared that the stat was going to cost £65, but we eventually found one at £28, still plenty for a new stat though.
Lastly we looked at a Haier washing machine which supposedly made loud noises, the water supply pipe had been horribly kinked, this was replaced and the machine worked perfectly. It wouldn't be the first time I've found that the user hadn't removed the transit straps! But that wasn't the case this time.
As far as the electronics scene goes I've been largely absent, had to repair a laptop power supply unit for the dearly beloved, and I've written a PIC programme here and there.
I'm in the process of building a winding machine for small batches. I am surprised to find there isn't a steel stockist in our town, the nearest appears to be in Peterborough. Oh well. I'm using an ex- washing machine brushed motor so that I can control the speed simply by using a basic triac circuit, also I can  make it go in reverse by swapping over the field/brush connections. I'd say I'm about 80% complete on this project now so watch this space! There may even be a picture eventually.
The garage clear out/reorganisation went really well, didn't have to bin too much (which was a relief) and it's great to be able to move without looking where you can put your feet!
Until I blog again