When I joined Spiratronics some months back now, I have to say that writing a ‘blog’ wasn’t high on my intentions list; in fact it wasn’t there at all!


My name is Bob (I never did like being called Robert) I have served in the electrical/electronics field for about 48 years now, but still learning every day. I am a time served electrician who moved into electronics purely through interest and fascination. I have always tried to embrace new technology along with new practices even if a few have been kicked into touch some time later. 

As time goes on I will address many subjects, electronic and otherwise, trying to make sense of the boring, make the boring entertaining, and the entertaining informative. I have to admit that my primary intentions are that the blog never misleads or misinforms and is always very readable.

I hope this blog will always be an informative and entertaining platform, airing different angles and points of view, but always respecting the fact that others may not feel the same way about some topic or point as I do.

Kits and Charity
By The Spiratronics Team - 30/04/2015

Bob's electronic blog covering 7 years bad luck, moans and groans and pic microcontroller programming

By The Spiratronics Team - 08/12/2014

The Whizzkit Level 1 kit is now on sale, we're off! I reckon people are seeing straightaway that this is not just another kit that controls LEDs but explains and uses I.C.s, transistors, relays, switches,...

Whizzkit hits target for launch
By The Spiratronics Team - 07/11/2014

Hello everyone, The Whizzkit project as a whole is nearing completion our predicted launch date has now been met. So far things are looking very good. Couldn’t believe my luck on Saturday evening,...

Christmas Blog
By The Spiratronics Team - 16/10/2014

Four days to Christmas day! Hope you all have those last minute pressies wrapped up and in your hiding place ready to go.   We've been very busy at Spiratronics, creating a new system to speed up our dispatch...

Whizzkit is almost ready
By The Spiratronics Team - 16/10/2014

Hello everyone, I'm getting quite nervous/excited about the new Spiratronics Level 1 kit which will be on the market very soon. An awful lot of hard work has gone into this kit and I firmly believe that it will be a...

A week full of repairs
By The Spiratronics Team - 30/09/2014

Bob's busy week

Whizzkit No.2 is on the horizon
By The Spiratronics Team - 05/09/2014

Bob's blog covering he's weekly updating including WhizzKit and our top products of the week

picaxe microcontroller 7 years bad luck and Pic Programming
By The Spiratronics Team - 29/08/2014

Bob's electronic blog covering 7 years bad luck, moans and groans and pic microcontroller programming

Bob's broken mirrow Mirrors, mobile phones and our electronic starter kit
By The Spiratronics Team - 22/08/2014

Bob's electronic blog. Today blog is about mirrors mobile phones and the whizzkit

Bob at work Who's Bob?
By The Spiratronics Team - 06/08/2014

Bob, who the hell is bob?!