Piranha RGB Full Colour LED

A very clever device - 3 LEDs housed in small waterclear LED package. By controlling and varying current through each of the colours (Red, Green and Blue), virtually any overall (mixed) colour can be generated. On this 'Standard' device, one of the four Legs of the device is a common anode and each of the other 3 legs controls respectively the red, green and blue elements of the LED allowing you (with control circuitry) to produce any colour you wish.

Forward Current: 50mA
Forward Voltage: 3.2V
Height: 2.5mm
Length: 7.62mm
Luminous Intensity: 4200mcd
Operating Temperature Range: -30‚‚‚°C to +85‚‚‚°C
Peak Wavelength: 625nm
Power Rating: 150mW
Viewing Angle: 100‚‚‚°
Viewing Colour: Red / Green / Blue
Width: 7.62mm

Full Datasheet