Tri-colour 10mm LEDs

An 10mm LED manufactured by Kingbright in a waterclear package containining two individual LEDs with a common cathode connection on the centre leg. Each of the internal LEDs can be lit indiviually by connecting either anode (outside pins) offering either of the two colours. A third colour (a mixture of the two individual colours) can be obtained by connecting both anodes to a positive supply.

* Kingbright Part Number: L-819EGW
* Colour 1: Red
* Colour 2: Green
* Wavelength (Colour 1): 625nm
* Wavelength (Colour 2): 565nm
* Intensity (Colour 1): 90mcd
* Intensity (Colour 2): 60mcd
* Forward Current (Colour 1): 30mA
* Forward Current (Colour 2): 25mA
* Forward Voltage (Colour 1): 2.0V
* Forward Voltage (Colour 2): 2.2V
* Reverse Voltage: 5V
* Viewing Angle: 50‚°
* Operating Temperature: -40‚°C to +85‚°C

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