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The ‘Crystal Set Radio’ is radio in its simplest form, even so it can provide hours of fun, entertainment, and achievement.

It is one of my favourite electronic experiments, perhaps because it doesn’t matter if you wire up the kit parts wrongly you can’t damage them or yourself.

The lifeblood of a crystal set is the aerial and earth, it is trapping a signal with the aerial and dissipating it to earth through the set that makes listening possible.

This kit contains everything you need to get started, there is even an easy to follow coil winding data sheet applicable to your UK area.

There are ten main parts supplied, three of which are generous amounts of different wire that you will find very useful. The semiconductor used is a special type of diode, I have included two slightly different versions for you to try.

For distance reception a large external aerial will greatly enhance the performance of this little receiver. This simple set needs high impedance headphones or the crystal earpiece that is supplied.

Two versions of the special diode needed are included for you to try. 

This is a very simple one diode receiver using the minimum of components. The results are usually excellent, but reception will very much depend on atmospheric conditions and aerial/earth quality.

There is a data sheet for coil winding which covers most areas of the UK. 

I wish you success with your Crystal Set building, experimenting, and reception.

Happy Experimenting

Grandad Bob





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