Mains Inverter 12V DC to 230VAC 300W



A good quality, relaible DC converter which allows the powering of many mains appliances in a car or caravan or other setting where only a 12V power supply is available. The inverter is supplied with a cigar lighter plug and is ideal for powering items such as Laptops, Mobile Phone Chargers, Small TVs and Audio Equipment and Games Consoles.

Output Voltage Regulation:: 5%
Output Waveform:: Modified Sine Wave
Width:: 90mm
Efficiency:: 90%
Height:: 75mm
Input Connections:: Cigar Lighter Plug+Crocodile Clips
Input Voltage:: 10 to 15Vdc
Length:: 163mm
Low Battery Voltage Cut Off:: 9.5Vdc
Output Frequency:: 50 / 60Hz
Output Power:: 300W
Output Voltage:: 230Vac

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