Mirrors, mobile phones and our electronic starter kit

Hello everyone.

Well here we are, its Friday again, where did the week go?

Not sorry that last Sunday has gone (17.08.14), Sunday was the day of Bob’s big mirror fail! I didn’t trust the recommended 16 sticky pads and I was right. Went to great lengths to ensure no disasters but still got caught out. Result:- Damaged mirror and damaged hand basin! So far the DIY people who have two letters in their title have been helpful. We’ll see how it all finally pans out.

Anyway, on to happier events.

Recently we launched the Spiratronics Whizzkit level 1 on crowd funding (Kickstarter). Things have got off to a good start 9 backers already and still 30 days to go. Have to say there are some good incentives on offer, especially for the early birds and groups/clubs or even schools.

Here’s the link if you want to have look.


Keep a lookout on the Spiratronics website as there are some clearance bargains coming up in the next few weeks.

We will also be working on our website to make corrections and improvements so that it is easier more informative and quicker to use, this is quite a long undertaking but it WILL be worthwhile.

Finally, I don’t know about you, but I find these people who constantly call my mobile phone to tell me that my ‘accident in the last three years’ is a valid claim for personal injury compensation, and the ones who say my ‘PPI claim should be pursued’, are really getting on my nerves.
What accident? What PPI?  And how do they always know when it’s the most awkward moment to ring?

Until I blog again.