880 Tie Point Prototyping Board

A plug block board set on an ABS polymer body which can be used and re-used for circuit prototyping prior to soldering the project permanently. This item represents excellent value for money as it features 880 holes (known also as tie points) which are arranged as two sets of 64 rows of 5 interconnected contact sockets and a number of interconnected sockets on the edge of the board which are suitable for use as power supply rails. The board is mounted on a plastic stand which has pre drilled holes for potentiometers, switches, buttons, LEDs and other items that may eventually be included in your project's front panel. Also included is a back plate which features yet more holes for items such as displays, panel meters and further potentiometers and switches in addition to a 'breakout' terminal strip. Finally included with the product is a pack of three binding posts for easy external connection (for power etc) and 5 potentiometer knobs to attach to potentiometers you may included on the back plate.

* Grid Size: 64 x 5 x 2 + Power Rails
* Tie Points: 880mm
* Length: 133mm
* Width: 229mm
* Height: 22mm