Velleman 8-Channel Touch Panel

From our extensive range of high quality Velleman Electronics Kits. If you ever wanted your own keyboard with your personal layout and symbols, here is the solution: Now simply print YOUR keyboard layout on a transparent foil and make your own keyboard! The function of each key can be selected (momentary or toggle) and each key is backlit. It is even possible to simulate classic "radio keys" (where only one output can be ON, just like a rotary switch). One key can be defined as a preset memory or serve as an "all clear" key. Completing the features of this unique keyboard is a "click" sound when the keys are operated. The output can easily be connected to your own applications or to several other Velleman kits : the K8045 LCD message board, the K6714 relay card, the K8006 light system bus unit, the K8000RS computer interface, the K2633 or the K2634 power cards, the K8023 two wire remote. All Velleman projects feature a high quality PCB, building instructions and (unless otherwise stated), all the components required to construct the kit (see the Velleman Project section of our store for these kits). Basic soldering skills and equpment are needed to complete this kit.