Quartz Clock Movement Module



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A quartz crystal controlled clock movement with hour, minute and second hands. They are ideal for replacing defecitve units or for creating your own personalised clock projects. Requires a single AA battery to provide over a year of use. We also offer self adhesive numerals (TW3-880 Black, TW2-930 Gold.) to complete your clock project.

Accuracy (standard deviation):: <±30s per month at 25°C
Battery life:: 13 months approx
Body:: 55 x 55 x 16mm
Hour hand length:: 36mm
Minute hand length:: 51mm
Operating temperature range:: Â–10 to +50°C
Operating voltage range:: 1.25 to 1.7V
Quartz crystal frequency:: 32.768kHz
Rated Voltage:: 1.5V
Second hand length:: 55mm
Weight:: 35g
Spindle Size:: M8 17mm

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