Resettable Fuse 1.6A



The Bourns Multifuse is a device that acts as a normal fuse in going open circuit when an over current condition is met, but unlike a normal fuse, will rest back to closed circuit a period of time (around 20 seconds) after current flow has reduced back to a level lower than the fuses rated value. Switch off time is comparable to that of a Slow Blow or Time Delay Fuse.

Height:: 16.8mm
Hold Current:: 1.6A
Initial Resistance:: 0.105R
Lead Pitch:: 5.1mm
Length:: 10.2mm
Max Current Rating:: 40A
Max Voltage Rating:: 30V
Package/Case Style:: Radial Leaded
Post-Trip Resistance:: 0.15R
Standards:: UL, CSA
Trip Current:: 3.2A
Trip Time:: 8s
Tripped Power Dissipation:: 0.9W

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