Copper Bodied Flow Switch

A high quality copper bodied switch which is designer to switch from open to closed state due to a flow of liquid therough the 15mm copper pipe around which it is attached. A flow of just 500ml per minute is required to close the switch and the Single Pole Singe Throw (SPST) contacts are rated at up to 1A switching current. the switch is sutable for many types of liquid, including potable water.

Cable Type:: 2 x 16/0.2mm PVC Insulated
Contact Configuration:: Form A, SPST
Fitting:: 15mm Pipe
Flow Rate:: 0.5l/minl/min
Housing Material:: Copper
Length:: 152.4mm
Mounting:: Vertical
Operating Pressure:: 10barBar
Operating Temperature Range:: -30 to 85‚ºC
Power Rating:: 15W
Switching Current:: 1 MaximumA
Switching Voltage:: 300 MaximumVDC

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