The Whizzkit Level 1 kit is now on sale, we're off! I reckon people are seeing straightaway that this is not just another kit that controls LEDs but explains and uses I.C.s, transistors, relays, switches, microphone, speaker and much more. To use the manual and build working circuits all you need is the ability to read.

We're starting to raise the component supply kits now at Spiratronics so hopefully it won't be too long before they hit the market. It looks to me that there is going to be some really good deals in the form of useful packs going, so keep your eye on the website and grab yourself a bargain.  Usual web address:-  
 As I write this the rain is hammering down, I can't believe our luck as to how we got a really nice day last Sunday to visit the Newark tractor show. With burgers at £4 to £8 and tea/coffee at no less than £1.80 to £2 per cup it paid not to get too hungry or thirsty. (Is this granddad Bob's moan of the week? Possibly.) Unless they are being charged an absolute fortune to pitch, I just don't see how a paper cup, almost hot water, a cheap tea bag, a splash of milk, and sugar if you take it, can add up to £2. Oh well, I suppose they would say you don't have to buy it if you don't want to.
I know, let's have a look at the 'sales runometer'. I see you are still buying the aluminium self adhesive clips part no. WV4-016 and WV4-022. They are very useful I know. The Rolson 'All purpose voltage tester' is proving to be popular, possibly as a Christmas present/stocking filler. This tester is surprisingly useful as it tests fuses, bulbs, leads, presence (or not) of mains voltage, microwave oven leakage, static radiation from screens and it is also a 4mm flat blade screwdriver that will clip onto your top pocket. At just £3.58 it's worth tacking onto your next order part No KV3-716. I know I wouldn't be without mine now.
Well, got to get on, a million and one things to do.
Until I blog again.
Granddad Bob.