Voltcraft SL-50 Digital Sound Level Meter



The Voltcraft SL-50 noise level meter is a digital measurement device for measuring the noise level in units of decibel (dB). The noise level meter is for measuring noise levels of sources in the intensity range 40dB to 130 dB. It is an appliance for checking noise sources or for simple measurements of environment noise.The measurements and the instantaneous units/functions are shown digitally on the large four-digit LCD display (Liquid Crystal Display). In unfavourable light conditions the display is illuminated automatically.The measurement signal is sampled linearly (C-characteristic) with a fast measurement speed of 125ms which enables measurements in the frequency range of 30Hz (Hertz) to 4KHz (kilo Hertz).In order to suppress disturbing wind noise, an attachable wind deflector is enclosed, which does not affect the noise level measurement. A 9V block battery (type PP3) is required for operation.

Power Supply: 9V DC (type PP3)
Power input: 40mA max (with display light)
Measuring range: 40dB to 130dB (30Hz to 4kHz)
Evaluation time: 125ms
Display definition: 0.1dB
Accuracy: Â±3,5dB (for 1kHz and 94dB
Microphone: Â½ inch electret condenser microphone
Operating instructions: 0°C to 40°C (not condensing
Operating altitude: 2.000m max
Dimensions: 130(L) x 52(W) x 32(H)mm
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