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UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (SI 2006 No. 3289)

The UK WEEE regulations require that businesses involved in the supply of electrical equipment take an active role in its collection and recycling.

So that you can get your old electrical products recycled, we have made a financial contribution toward the development of recycling facilities for electrical goods throughout the UK through our membership of the Distributor Take Back Scheme.

These facilities are located at your local council waste recycling centres

crossed wheeled bin

This symbol is known as the 'Crossed out Wheelie Bin Symbol'. When this symbol is marked on a product or packaging, it means that the product should not be disposed of with your general household waste. Only discard electrical/electronic items in separate collection schemes, which cater for the recovery and recycling of materials contained within. 

When WEEE is not recycled items will usually be disposed of in a landfill site (buried in the ground in the UK) which will put communities at risk. The toxins can have negative impacts on soil, air and water quality in turn leading to environmental damage, and can also lead to negative impacts on human and animal heath.


 Your co-operation is vital to ensure the success of these schemes and for the protection of the environment.

 Find where to recycle your waste electrical goods at: www.recycle-more.co.uk



Our certificate of compliance can be viewed here