Whizzkit hits target for launch

Hello everyone,

The Whizzkit project as a whole is nearing completion our predicted launch date has now been met. So far things are looking very good.

Couldn’t believe my luck on Saturday evening, the car broke down about 95 miles from home. A brake pad had disintegrated and allowed the piston to travel too far resulting in no brake pedal to speak of. I have to say that I was impressed by my son’s handling of the emergency and choice of stopping place, a car park just off the M6 with a motel, a Chinese restaurant, and a PUB!!!

I was also impressed with the AA who made no bones about relaying us and the car to my local garage, a late night though, 01.50 hrs when I got to bed.

Haven’t done a thing to the winding machine I’m sorry to say, but I will get round to it in due course. I am determined to get to my Arduino Mega and do some more programming, I have mastered the flashing LEDs but now need to get to grips with motor and actuator control. I’m told the programming is quite simple.

Interestingly enough I notice there is a project box available for the Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, and Mega boards with Ethernet shield, there is enough room for a battery and there is provision for an Ethernet socket of course. Spiratronics part no. is FF4-020 and it is priced at just £11.82. 

 The sales ‘Runometer’ tells me that we are seeing a run on aluminium wrap around fixing clips part no. WV4-016 and WV4-022. I have used these things myself and can thoroughly recommend them.

Thank goodness Halloween has been and gone. I loathe Halloween so I usually clear off out to get away from the incessant door knocking (What a grump!). It’s only one night a year and maybe a lot of people get pleasure out of it so I shouldn’t moan really I suppose. Allegedly the Americans make a lot more of it than we do.    You know I reckon I should have a little a box on here titled ‘Granddad Bob’s moan of the week’

Anyway, better get on with my list of tasks.

Until I blog again.