Christmas Blog

Four days to Christmas day! Hope you all have those last minute pressies wrapped up and in your hiding place ready to go.
We've been very busy at Spiratronics, creating a new system to speed up our dispatch process even more. The boss has now finished the necessary interacting software. From what I've seen so far, our WEB site range is going to expand enormously, which, coupled with the new system can only be a good thing for our customers.
Wood and me don't really mix but I have been making shelves, pick stations, and monitor platforms. Hope the dearly beloved isn't reading this or she'll expect me to make that long awaited shoe cupboard.
The boss took us all out for a festive meal the other night and footed the bill, how generous is that? The food and the company was excellent. Everyone enjoyed the evening. It's really nice to be working in a close knit, caring team.
Went down to see my brother on Friday evening,  he  only lives a few miles away. It was through him that I became interested in electronics all those years ago. I ate too many of my sister-in-laws mince pies and cakes, but I never could resist good cuisine.
We always have lots to talk about and Friday was no exception. He has built, bought and repaired, quite a few radio controlled boats and planes. He even has a radio controlled tank which my eldest grandson loves to drive.
I would imagine my brother's grandson is in seventh heaven when he goes to stay.
Whizzkit Level 1 has sold very well to date, I'm pleased to say. Customers have bought from as far afield as Malta and Spain, the vast majority, of course have gone to UK addresses.
I suppose I had better move and get ready for morning, which will soon come around.
Hope you all have a great Christmas and an even better New Year.
Until I blog again
Granddad Bob