Whizzkit is almost ready

Hello everyone,
I'm getting quite nervous/excited about the new Spiratronics Level 1 kit which will be on the market very soon. An awful lot of hard work has gone into this kit and I firmly believe that it will be a kit to be proud of. The amount of teardowns and rebuilds, testing and improvement, consumer testing and alterations has been extensive to say the least.
Marketed under the name of 'WHIZZKITS' it could be the start of a series of kits. You can find the whizzkit here 
Work on the winding machine goes on, the revolution sensor disc is made and fitted and I have the I.R. sender and receiver components to hand. To facilitate 'soft start', all speeds, and number of turns we, well the boss really, decided to control the variable resistor with an actuator arm controlled by an Arduino Uno. This means I am not quite as near to finishing it as I thought but I reckon the extra effort will be well worth it.
I repaired four solar powered garden lights for my son this week, more to see if I could than anything else.
Two of them had broken wires to the colour changing LEDs, these were replaced by LEDs from Spiratronics; they're marvellous little devices which not only change colour in sequence but complete a little programme where they flash as well! They're inexpensive too, only 44p each or 39p if you buy 10 or more. Their part no. is LH3-026.
The other two lights needed new rechargeable AAA cells and a dry joint remade here and there.
I was surprised to see the original broken LED wires had appeared to RUST through, could if be that due to the cheapness of these lights the makers are using a coated ferrous lead?
Right, I'd better get on, 101 things to do. Oh, Just before I go, I notice that we are experiencing a run on some items, the
95 x 127mm strip board selling at £1.82 part No. HF2-033, and the Microchip PICKIT2, at £43.99 part No. YA4-032, this is a really pleasing and useful item. The little Electret microphone seems to be very popular all of a sudden, It is selling very well at 70p, do you guys know something I don't? I expect you probably know a lot I don't.
Until I blog again