Whizzkit No.2 is on the horizon

 Hi everyone,
once more we near the end of another week. For me it hasn't been a spectacular week in any way so perhaps things are settling down at last. (Hope so).
We, that's the dearly beloved and myself, are trying to get around to sorting out my garage/workshop. It's a mammoth task but she is extremely good at that sort of thing, apart from being very fond of saying 'bin it'.
What I want to do is divide the workshop into two parts, electrical/electronics, and mechanical/metal working. So it will be lathe, welder, metal former, motorcycle lift, pillar drill, etc. down the one side and scope, power supply unit, bench amp., signal tracer, clean area, etc.  down the other. Yes, they will all be covered up when I'm metal working.
Currently there are two motorbikes holed up in there so I expect to have my ear bent about that by the wise and great  one!
(Bless her)
At Spiratronics the Whizzkit 'level one' has reached a little over 35% of it's target on crowd funding with 17 days to go. Here's the link again if you want to have a look :-
Thanks to all our backers.
Another kit to be marketed by Spiratronics in the not too distant future (involving microcontrollers) is moving on apace, even my five year old grandson has become interested and has asked me to make him a working formula 1 start light system, i.e. 5 red lights coming on one at a time and then all going off together. Just glad it's an easy one for a change!
They say 'time flies' and we are seeing our Quartz Clock Movement Modules flying out the door! At £2.49 each I don't see how you could possibly go wrong. Our stock number for that is TW2-170.
Another fast mover is our 9.5cm x 6.5cm solar panel (FF2-030 only £7.82 each if you buy 5) with up to 100mA at 3 volts output and weighing just 70 grams. it's ideal for a lot of purposes. I built my grandsons a model solar buggy. That caused great hilarity and they couldn't believe that there was no battery on board, as long as the sun shone away it went!
I've been told that the next project my grandsons have in mind is a giant catapult that can launch an apple to hit the bottom fence in my garden, that's about 30 metres away. Something tells me that there will need to be some supervision and safety measures in place with that one! Who'd be a granddad eh?
Until I blog again