Whizzkit Seven Project Electronics Kit



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RGB Light
Emergency Siren

Traffic Light Sequencer

Rail Level Crossing


Heads & Tails Game

Light Organ

Egg Timer

New Concept

Instructions Front Cover

Bullet Points

So you want to make and experiment with electronic circuits and you're looking for a project kit which is a good place to start?

Well, first the good news. There are hundreds out there and many of them are very, very good.

The bad news is traditional-format electronics kits offer significant limitations.

Most electronics kits fall into one of two categories:

PCB Based Kits - You create a circuit by soldering components to a pre-manufactured printed circuit board. Whilst these types of projects often provide a really good final circuit often for a relatively low cost, they are a 'once only' type project. Only one function is performed by the circuit and it can only be built once. In addition, you are required to have soldering skills and equipment which are not always available to those just getting started.

Breadboard Based Kits - You purchase a kit with a breadboard (a reusable circuit board) and a package of components and the kit will usually come with instructions to build a series of circuits. These kits benefit from the ability to make and remake different circuits but are often characterised by either a high cost, a low complexity of function of the final projects or sometimes both.

Based on traditional electronics, there's nothing out there on the market which can offer great projects with complex functionality, simplicity of construction, a low cost and the ability to make and remake circuits.


So what's different here? The kit you see here is based around our magicCHIP technology. magicCHIP is a chip capable of performing several different functions according to the circuit in which it finds itself. For example, magicCHIP Green (the chip in this kit) is equally at home in one circuit controlling a set of traffic lights as it is having different components surrounding it and performing the function of a light-organ.

This kit includes a magicCHIP Green, a piece of reusable circuit board and all the components needed (and no soldering required to make and re-make) all seven of the following circuits:

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